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A gold star for Mr. Goldman! Meet BlueRockstar and legend lawyer Jeremy Goldman

At BlueRock Law, we’re always chasing outstanding young talent and Jeremy Goldman is exactly that: the next Rising Star. If he represents the next generation of lawyers, then we think the legal profession is heading in the right direction.

At BlueRock Law, we’re always chasing outstanding young talent and Jeremy Goldman is exactly that: the next Rising Star. If he represents the next generation of lawyers, then we think the legal profession is heading in the right direction.

Why we can’t get enough of Jeremy

The truth is, everybody loves Jeremy. From the Managing Director to the receptionist to each and every one of his clients – they are all full of compliments. It goes without saying that he provides quality advice and is efficient in turning around work but what makes him a standout? Seems like he’s not just professional and knowledgeable, he’s a great guy too. What you notice when you read through his client testimonials are words like ‘patient, kind and respectful’ – they’re words we love to hear at BlueRock.

Client centricity is Jeremy’s jam!

Jeremy can go head to head with large and sophisticated organisations like KPMG, or provide clear and succinct advice for small start-ups just beginning their entrepreneurial journey. In a highly competitive environment, Jeremy has distinguished himself by demonstrating a unique level of flexibility when responding to client needs.

After working on the multimillion-dollar Plexus/KPMG deal, Andrew Mellett, CEO of Plexus, who describes himself as a ‘very difficult client to impress’, complimented Jeremy on his pragmatic, well-thought-out and organised advice. Equally enthusiastic about his work was Felicity Bernstein, CEO and Director of Hutt, a small start-up. Felicity says she couldn’t recommend Jeremy more highly and her testimonial acknowledges his super service, depth of knowledge and fast turn-around. High praise indeed.

He’s an expert in crowd-sourced funding

BlueRock Law prides itself on fostering creativity, innovation and learning. It’s clear that Jeremy thrives in our environment. In his commitment to providing support to start-ups and SMEs, Jeremy has developed niche expertise in the area of crowd-sourced funding (CSF). CSF has only been available to private companies in Australia for less than a year and in this time Jeremy has been involved in five raises, is currently advising on a number of upcoming crowdfunds and has been able to assist clients with post-CSF advice. His agility and ability to adapt to a new area of law make him a genuine BlueRockstar.

He likes us! He really, really likes us!

Makes you wonder why Jeremy made the switch from Big Law to our boutique firm. Well, one reason could be that we were voted the 4th Best Place to Work in Australia, and that means we offer a great workplace culture. We don’t like our lawyers pulling all-nighters, success isn’t measured in billable hours and we think that BlueRockers who achieve work/life balance produce better client outcomes. At BlueRock, we consider ourselves a family and we have each others’ backs. It’s an innovative business model and people like Jeremy are helping BlueRock Law pave the way and set an example to other legal service providers.

He’s a champion of the start-up sector

Jeremy has a genuine passion for supporting the start-up community and that’s right in our sweet spot. A lawyer who regularly attends start-up events and conferences and takes the time to meet with early-stage businesses and founders understands the BlueRock clientele. Jeremy is growing the BlueRock community – he has become a trusted advisor to several start-up businesses and some of them have now co-located to the BlueRock offices.

He’s committed to community

The good work doesn’t stop when Jeremy heads home. He’s achieving great things outside the nine to five too. He has been an active contributor to Access Inc., a charity that promotes and facilitates community integration of intellectually disabled young adults. BlueRock Law encourages and facilitates contribution at the community level. We’re also a certified B Corporation, which means we strive to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental practices, and to successfully manage the balance between profit and purpose. Many lawyers like Jeremy look to align their personal values with those of their firm.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we want to celebrate Jeremy Goldman, and we’re excited to announce that he has been promoted to Associate! Jeremy, we’re proud to call you a BlueRocker. Congratulations and we can’t wait to see where the journey takes you.

If you’d like to meet with Jeremy or want to learn more about life at BlueRock Law, get in touch!

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