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Calling all social enterprises. Receive up to 80% off BlueRock fees under the Boost Your Business program!

At BlueRock, we believe in doing things differently. Not only are we B Corp certified, but we’re also passionate about working with businesses that are making a positive difference to the community around us.

So we’re beyond proud to announce that we’re now a Registered Service Provider in the Boost Your Business Voucher Program for Social Enterprises!

What does this mean? Well, successful applicants could receive government funding to cover up to 80% of BlueRock fees. That could mean up to $25,000 in government funding to put towards products and services that could help you boost your business.  

This innovative Victorian Government program is designed to support the viability, sustainability and growth of social enterprises by helping them build the business capacity and skills they need to become self-sufficient and investment-ready.

Applications are now open and close on 22 December 2019.

Is your business eligible?

The Social Enterprise Capability Voucher Stream is open to social enterprises located in Victoria that require specialist assistance to undertake growth-orientated activities. If you’re a social enterprise that can demonstrate social impact in regional Victoria, we strongly encourage you to apply!

For the purposes of this program, social enterprises:

  • are led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit
  • derive a substantial portion of their income from trade
  • reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the fulfilment of their mission

If you’re intending to relocate or expand your successful social enterprise model into Victoria, you could also be eligible to apply with additional evidence of market opportunities. 

SMEs that operate with a social enterprise model are also eligible to apply.

What about not-for-profits?

Not-for-profits and charity organisations are eligible to apply but only when they are:

  • a social enterprise
  • starting a social enterprise
  • looking to move to a social enterprise model

What BlueRock services are available?

Under the program, BlueRock is registered to provide:

  1. Strategic business planning
  2. Monthly strategy meetings
  3. Creation and development of financial structures
  4. Marketing and branding strategy
  5. Tax planning advice and tax-effective structuring advice
  6. Tailored leadership and guided mentoring programs  
  7. Management of investment and funding opportunities

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with BlueRock and applying for a Boost Your Business Voucher, book in a video conference catch up, or contact Jeanette Cheney at or on 03 9089 7173 to organise a time to catch up in person.

Remember that the deadline for Round 4 Vouchers is 22 December, and it really does pay to be prepared. We recommend that you contact us today to discuss if your social enterprise is Boost Your Business Voucher eligible.

Previous Social Enterprise Recipients 

Round 3

  • Dja Dja Wrung Aboriginal Association Corporated
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • Worn Gundidj
  • Ability Works Australia
  • Community Pop-up Markets Ltd.
  • The Foundation for Young Australians
  • Christie Centre Inc
  • Ellimatta Youth
  • GippsTech
  • Local Transit

Round 2

  • AND Institute
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Inc.
  • Australian African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity
  • Barefoot Pathways Transitional Training Centre
  • Brite Services
  • Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES)
  • Clickability Pty Ltd
  • Dumu Balcony Café
  • Geelong Ethnic Communities Inc
  • Good Shepherd Microfinance
  • Guide Dogs Victoria
  • Hepburn Wind
  • Indigenous Employment Partners Ltd
  • Fighting Chance Australia (Jigsaw)
  • Lentil as Anything Inc.
  • Mackillop Family Services
  • Martial Arts Therapy Pty Ltd
  • Open Food Services Pty Ltd
  • Preston Neighbourhood House Inc
  • Reach Enterprises
  • Social Enterprise Catering Solutions
  • Springvale Learning and Activities Centre Inc
  • Start Broadband Pty Ltd
  • The Horizon Committee Inc
  • Transition Village Wallan Inc
  • Yooralla
  • Youth Projects Limited
  • 10XL Group Pty Ltd
  • Ability Works Australia Ltd
  • Access Australia Group Ltd
  • Earthworker Cooperative
  • Free To Ltd
  • Good Cycles Ltd
  • Green Collect Ltd
  • Guide Dogs Victoria
  • HoMie Street Store
  • Ladder
  • Learmonth Cider Pty Ltd
  • Mallee Rising Pty Ltd
  • Momentary Pty Ltd
  • Outlook (Vic) Inc
  • SisterWorks Inc
  • Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre Inc
  • St Kilda Community Housing
  • Streat Ltd
  • The Centre for Continuing Education Inc
  • The Social Foundry Ltd
  • Try Australia
  • Westgate Community Initiative Group Inc
  • Young Change Agents Ltd

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