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The accounting firm of the future gets innovative

We asked accounting supervisor Ricky Jessop about their secret to consultancy success — and how it prepares clients for the hurdles ahead.

July 2016

Blue Rock started as an accounting firm of 10 people. Seven years on, it employs around 100 staff across six divisions, including legal, debt advisory and wealth management. We asked accounting supervisor Ricky Jessop about their secret to consultancy success — and how it prepares clients for the hurdles ahead.

“We focused on technology and experienced a big growth period,” Ricky explains. “We’re all about finding innovative ways to help our clients become more efficient — and offering that service across someone’s business. We even have an SEO and pay-per-click division, because it matters so much to businesses today.”

By combining complementary services under the one brand, the Blue Rock Group provides a holistic one-stop shop to boost business efficiencies and navigate small business hurdles, faster than ever.

“It could be anything from a website issue to BAS payments or a job that’s going over budget — the key to keeping your business moving is innovation and communication,” Ricky says. “We don’t have a meeting every quarter or month where nothing happens in between. We drive day-to-day relationships where we’re reviewing data, pushing action items and getting things done.”


Forecasting, budgets, cash flow management and tax compliance remain the bread-and-butter work for the accounting arm of the business, but true to form the team goes beyond to offer virtual CFO services.

“We work with construction business Domain Concrete, which operates in a fairly old-school industry,” Ricky explains as one example.

“Now they use a cloud-based payroll system, which records time sheets for all their employees on sites at different locations — and links directly to Xero. That alone has saved 4–5 hours a week in payroll processing. Then we set up the implementation of Receipt Bank, which has saved them another 2–3 hours of manual data entry per week.”

“We’ll keep finding new ways to help them do their job even better.”


The Blue Rock Group’s quirky website is another indication that this forward-thinking business is happy to shake up traditional ways of doing business.

“That’s why we offer something different. We’re innovative, entrepreneurial and we genuinely test solutions. We don’t push products on clients just because they exist; we use them ourselves.”

“We work with a lot of young innovators who are working big hours and hustling their way forward. They might not be making big money at the moment, but I can see the enjoyment and the passion in their work. It’s what makes my job worthwhile.”

Check out the video below of Ricky Jessop from Blue Rock Group and Simon Sciola from Domain Concrete talking to David Koch (Kochie) on how accountants are the next rockstars, the benefits of using Xero and the new efficiencies that are making life easier.

Source: Xero Blog

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