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Changes Made to Victoria's COVID-19 Commercial Leasing and Licensing Regulations

1:00 pm

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Bruce McFarlane
Director of BDC Partners, CEO of the BlueRock Group and Managing Director of BlueRock Law
Lauren Smyth
Frank Druda
Callan Cameron
Keith Doyle

Event Partners


Victorian tenants and landlords have been struggling to navigate rent agreements since the onset of COVID-19 and the updated Regulations couldn't come soon enough. But now that we have more clarity on lease obligations under the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme, how can you best set yourself up for a positive outcome?

Join Bruce McFarlane and Lauren Smyth (BlueRock Law), Keith Doyle (BDC Retail Property Partners), Frank Druda (BlueRock Accounting) and Callan Cameron (BlueRock Places) as they discuss the following:

  1. Changes to the Commercial Leasing and Licensing Regulations
  2. Considerations for tenants and landlords negotiating and resolving disputes
  3. Our experiences navigating rent relief for clients over the last 5 months
  4. Considerations of commercial deals
  5. Recent commercial property trends




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