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Connecting With the Consumer in a Changing Media Landscape

12:00 pm

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John Williams
Emma Macey
Phil Zohrab
Simon Brosolo

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It’s never been quite this complex for retailers battling it out in an already competitive market. And while it’s difficult to know what’s around the COVID corner, the data has made a number of things clear: Retailers have every chance of continued success if they remain agile and fulfill changing consumer needs.

Join John Williams (Founder and Managing Director of One Small Step Collective) in conversation with Emma Macey (General Manager of SuperNova Media), Simon Brosolo (Managing Director of BlueRock Digital) and Phil Zohrab (Managing Director of Ground Control Data) as they reveal what the latest data is telling us about consumer behaviour and how retailers can rethink their engagement strategies to focus on what matters.

During the webinar, you can expect to learn more about:

  • What the is data telling us about the current retail landscape
  • The impact of COVID-19 on business marketing spend and consumer media consumption
  • How people have changed search behaviour and shopping habits
  • What history has taught us when it comes to marketing during a downturn
  • How businesses that continue to invest in brand grow while others shrink
  • How consumers prefer to engage with retailers in the current climate




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