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Bruce McFarlane
Director of BDC Partners, CEO of the BlueRock Group and Managing Director of BlueRock Law
Lauren Smyth

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The issue of rent has been a hot topic since this semi-shutdown began all those moons ago.

Until recently, there was no clear guidance from State or Federal Governments on how tenants and landlords should tackle the beast that is rental abatement.

Join Bruce McFarlane and Lauren Smyth of BlueRock Law, to discuss how you can navigate lease obligations during the Corona Crisis including the National Code of Conduct and the following

  • If a business closes in response to the government’s staged shutdowns, what happens to the lease?
  • What clauses in leases that can be activated, if a tenant can no longer operate their business from the premises?
  • All Landlords and tenants should be having discussions to try to reach a fair commercial agreement on reducing the rent. What information should they have going into those discussions?
  • What would be a reasonable abatement of rent and reduction of operating costs to seek from a landlord?

This will be a 45min webinar with additional time allowed for a Q&A session.




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