Random Fact
Chirag is ambidextrous. In tennis he serves with his left and hits with his right. In cricket, he bowls right-handed but bats with his left. In basketball, he shoots left-handed but dribbles with the right.

Chirag Bhargava


A real character with a big heart, Chirag is also a major sports nuffy. When he’s not playing tennis, cricket or watching his beloved Bombers, you’ll find him taking his dog Raja on an adventure or listening to an audiobook.

Chirag loves to crunch numbers, which is probably why he is such a great accountant. He gets a kick out of analysing numbers and is fascinated at how they can paint a picture of any situation. Think Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind.

A huge Costanza fan, there’s absolutely no convincing him that Seinfeld isn’t the greatest show ever made. You also probably don’t stand a chance of beating him in a Harry Potter or LOTR quiz, but if you’re game, we’re happy to set one up.



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