Random Fact
Heather is obsessed with watching cooking shows.

Heather Crang

Senior Accountant

Before joining BlueRock in 2016, Heather spent a year working in Japan as a professional translator. She soon realised that accounting was her passion, but it’s clear why she killed it in both professions.

The qualities that made her a great translator are the same qualities that make her an amazing accountant – trustworthiness, attention to detail and exceptional communication skills. It’s all about providing her clients with the clarity they need to reach their goals. Having lived in Japan for a year, it’s no surprise that Heather is a fan of all things Japanese. Send an invite Heather’s way next time you’re dining at your local Izakaya. Not only does she love a big bowl of ramen and a cold Sapporo, but she also speaks fluent Japanese! So she can help you decipher your Tonkatsu from your Takoyaki. Heather says she loves working in such a fun team at BlueRock. Well, it’s because of people like Heather that we’re having so much fun. Never change Heather!



Sometimes we sit on toadstools to make phone calls and have meetings around David Attenborough-inspired artefacts.
That’s life at BlueRock – we like to do things differently.
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