Random Fact
Jacqui was horse-mad as a kid.
Jacqui van Ruiswyk

Jacqui gets really excited about beautiful landscapes. Lucky for her, she got to see a lot of them while living and working in regional Victoria. Before joining BlueRock, most of Jacqui’s professional career was spent working in the Gippsland region.

Her time in this beautiful part of the world gave Jacqui the opportunity to work with a variety of clients in primary production, construction as well as hospitality and professional services. Jacqui loves being a part of our clients’ journeys. That’s why she’s passionate about working closely with small to medium businesses to help them grow. Hardworking and determined, Jacqui loves a challenge – both inside the BlueRock walls and outside of them. Jacqui’s a fearless thrill-seeker who once parasailed off New Zealand’s Coronet Peak, a feat that involved climbing a snow-capped mountain path with no harness! Jacqui’s never been one to let mountains stand in the way of achieving her goals. That’s why our clients love her!

As a first home buyer, the process was extremely up in the air, but Kim made this much easier. I felt at all times during the process she had an answer for me where needed. I also felt she was extremely good at prompting my brokers and the real estate into responding. I really appreciated Kim’s attitude towards assisting me in this process and was really happy with the outcome.
Samantha Kendrigan
One thing I have appreciated about BlueRock is the wide range of services they do provide. Whether it's Digital or Accounting, supporting us as a hospitality business and how we structure our finances or looking at the digital platform we have to enable the businesses I've worked with to function well. They're a great team to work with and I highly recommend them.
Brenton Howie
The BlueRock General Insurance team have taken the time to gain a strong understanding of our business to ensure the solutions they provide are the right fit. they are always available to respond quickly to our requirements as our business grows and changes and are a valued partner to Cube Networks.
Scott Mannix
Cube Networks


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