Random Fact
Jarrad is a Muay Thai fighter who trains every day!

Jarrad Rinaldo

Data Scientist


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Jarrad loves data – he knows that the key to making smarter strategic business decisions lies in the often untapped collection of raw information that each and every business holds.

As a Graduate Data Scientist, Jarrad helps our clients uncover the answers to some of their most complex questions, helping them to better understand their businesses, their customers and the industries they operate in. This kind of data exploration requires an inquisitive mind and a solution-focused approach to problems. Lucky for us, Jarrad’s a creative analytical thinker with a tendency to delve deeper into any problem that’s thrown his way.But it’s not all technology and numbers. Jarrad likes to switch off with meditation or a bout of amateur Muay Thai fighting! Don’t mess with Jarrad. He can knock out his opponents as easily as he can knock us out with his data-driven insight.

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Sometimes we sit on toadstools to make phone calls and have meetings around David Attenborough-inspired artefacts.
That’s life at BlueRock – we like to do things differently.
Did you know?
BlueRock is a certified B Corp business.
Does that mean we didn’t make the ‘A-Team’? Far from it; landing a ‘B’ in this case is an affirmation of our commitment to being “a force for good” in the corporate arena.