Random Fact
He’s not all about the footy. Jeremy loves a round of golf too!

Jeremy Goldman

Senior Associate


Jeremy joined BlueRock’s Legal team in 2018 with a background in commercial law and commerce and an interest in the startup world. He’s certainly in the right place. At Bluerock, he loves helping our entrepreneurial clients overcome the unique legal problems that their startup businesses face every day.

Thoughtful and trustworthy, Jeremy is a lawyer you want on your side. His love of problem-solving and excellent listening skills mean he’ll never miss a detail and is ever-relentless in helping our clients overcome the legal challenges that their businesses face. Want to test those listening skills? How about striking up a conversation about the footy? Jeremy loves AFL and is a keen Blues supporter. Just one more reason he’s in good company at BlueRock (there’s a lot of us here). Jeremy is a huge fan of Carlton’s Alex Jesaulenko and has spent many an hour in the backyard practising his famous specky. Goldman – you beauty!

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