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Random Fact
Mekhala is obsessed with Stefan Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries!
Mekhala De Alwis
If Mekhala was a Powerpuff Girl, she’d be Bubbles. She’s bright, self-assured and can speak to animals. Okay, maybe not the last one, but she does have great communication skills and likes to swim with dolphins so maybe she’s hiding a superpower or two.
Mekhala’s charisma, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for life make her a great fit at BlueRock. Like that kid who always gets picked first in gym class, everyone wants Mekhala on their team. Clients love her can-do attitude and her commitment to helping them reach their financial goals. BFF material right there. When Mekhala’s not working hard to provide her clients with great advice, she’s exploring the outdoors or cooking up a batch of something spicy. Her crazy-hot food makes us hallucinate, but we know one thing for certain, Mekhala is an absolute superhero.
Our recent experience with BlueRock (in particular with Lauren) was such a positive one. Lauren is fabulous, she is lovely, attentive, professional and was very thorough with our work. We are very happy with the service that both Mark Fancellu & Lauren Calvisi have both provided us. Thank you.
Noel & Jan Murphy
Crack Isolation Pty Ltd
If you're after the most progressive, vibrant and knowledgeable Accountancy firm, well you have just found it! If you join their ever growing team, I believe you wont regret the move.
Murray Godfrey
Jamie and Harry from BlueRock provided a professional and very personalised level of service from the initial meeting right through to finance settlement. They’ve proven their capacity to identify and recommend the best (by far) market rates and quickly navigate through the banks' red tape. I would happily recommend Jamie and Harry for future business.
Tom Bennison
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Did you know?
BlueRock is a certified B Corp business.
Does that mean we didn’t make the ‘A-Team’? Far from it; landing a ‘B’ in this case is an affirmation of our commitment to being “a force for good” in the corporate arena.