Random Fact
Ryan is right-handed, but he uses his left …

Ryan Kagan

Ryan is a smart guy. This may or may not be influenced by his love of weekend documentary watching but it’s certainly come in handy at BlueRock since Ryan joined our team in 2015.

As director of the dynamic and growing Digital team, Ryan brings an entrepreneurial edge and over 7 years of professional services experience from his time at Deloitte. He also has an obsession with all things Mexican, which means there are a lot of cacti and bottles of chilli around the office. Ryan’s probably not your man if you want to win a chilli challenge. But for anything digital, he is! Ryan specialises in digital consulting, development, strategy, commercial growth and ‘all things online’ and he’s passionate about using a digital lens to help clients of all sizes and industries to seize opportunities for growth. He has an amazing knack for addressing complex digital problems and making it look easy. Muchos gracias Ryan!

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Sometimes we sit on toadstools to make phone calls and have meetings around David Attenborough-inspired artefacts.
That’s life at BlueRock – we like to do things differently.
Did you know?
BlueRock is a certified B Corp business.
Does that mean we didn’t make the ‘A-Team’? Far from it; landing a ‘B’ in this case is an affirmation of our commitment to being “a force for good” in the corporate arena.