Random Fact
Tom has worked in the UK and Korea, where he developed a taste for Korean food.

Tom Moore

Senior Research & Development Tax Consultant

After nearly two years as an R&D Tax Consultant with a top UK firm, Tom joined BlueRock in June 2018 ready to help our clients make the most of R&D incentives.

Tom has worked with every kind of business from garage startups to FTSE 500 companies, and he knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – every business is different.Tom loves to get out of the city and do his bit to keep the environment spick and span back in his homeland of New Zealand. What a guy! An avid golfer, Tom loves to hit the fairway for a few rounds and would most like to tee off with Barack Obama to try and absorb some of his wisdom. We reckon he’s got the drive to hit the sweet spot here at BlueRock!

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