Random Fact
Will was born 8 days before the first episode of Doctor Who was aired, and he shares the same name as the first companion for the first Doctor Who! Coincidence? We think not.

Will Russell

Will is the sci-fi loving Manager of our BlueRock Health division, a team focused on helping pharmacy owners to grow and succeed. Whether you’re after discussing the plot-line of any of the original Doctor Who episodes, or seeking efficient, effective and innovative advice on every aspect of your pharmacy bookkeeping, Will’s your man!  

Over the course of the past few years, Will’s extensive experience has seen him working in various accounting practices for 20 years, before buying and co-managing his very own bookkeeping business (specialising in Pharmacy Bookkeeping) for 12 years! When he’s not giving amazing pharmacy bookkeeping advice, Will loves to cook and re-watch Stargate and StarTrek. If he could meet anyone in the world, it would be George Lucas – Will would love to talk through the whole creative process involved in the making of the Star Wars films. 



Sometimes we sit on toadstools to make phone calls and have meetings around David Attenborough-inspired artefacts.
That’s life at BlueRock – we like to do things differently.
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