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Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to manufacturing, no two businesses are the same. From safeguarding the machinery and equipment used to manufacture the materials, to ensuring safe transportation and logistics of importing / exporting raw materials; these are all elements you need to consider to ensure your business is adequately protected. Our BlueRock business insurance advisors can help assess the risks in your business, so you can rest easy.

Some types of coverage that you should consider include:

Public Liability Insurance
Provides indemnity for defence and settlement costs arising from allegations of physical injury or property damage caused by your business activities
Management Liability Insurance
Provides indemnity for directors and officers as well as the business entity in the event of an alleged breach of duty, employment related dispute, fraud, and regulatory fines and penalties
Corporate Travel Insurance
Reimbursement of unexpected costs arising from travel including illness and injury, lost luggage, cancellation and delay (also includes cover for directors’ leisure travel)
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Responds to costs incurred to repair or replace machinery and peripheral equipment following a breakdown
Manufacturers Errors & Omissions Insurance
Covers manufacturers for manufacturing errors or negligent services that result in a financial loss to their customer
Commercial Motor Insurance
Comprehensive cover that protects the vehicles you use in your business
Goods In Transit Insurance
Provides coverage for goods in transit, including imports, exports and Australia-wide sendings
Industrial Special Risks Insurance
An ‘all risks’ property insurance solution for larger multi site manufacturers and property owners;
Recall Expenses Coverage (Liability extension)
A coverage extension under the liability program designed for manufacturers that extends to cover the costs of conducting a recall, including transportation, notification to customers and disposal costs
Product Recall Insurance
A comprehensive cover designed for businesses at every stage of a product supply chain, which provides both first party (your own) and third party (others) costs incurred for the recall of a product
Cyber Insurance
Provides coverage for privacy and data breaches, including simple incidents such as attaching the wrong file to an email or using a copyrighted image on a website, to a more complex hacking or ransomware event and loss of customer information

Public Liability Insurance in Action

The Client

A paper products manufacturer with 32 staff and $18M in revenue

The Claim

A roofing contractor attended the insured’s premises to inspect the factory’s roof, falling through a laser light panel to the concrete floor below.

The Outcome

The contractor sued the insured for failing to maintain their premises and failing to provide a safe workplace. The public liability insurer settled the loss for $610k.

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