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Marketing & Advertising Businesses

If you’re a marketing or advertising professional, you need to ensure you’re covered for the advice you give and services you provide, as well as copyright or trademark infringement related to your content. You may also require coverage to protect against civil action claims, such as allegations of libel, slander, defamation and disparagement.
BlueRock’s business insurance team understands your specific needs and helps clients, including digital agencies and graphic design specialists to find the right level of cover to be properly protected.

Some types of coverage that you should consider include:

Public & Product Liability Insurance
Protects your business against liability claims, including personal injury and property damage
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Protects your business against claims for financial loss arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of your professional services
Media Liability Package Insurance
A combined professional indemnity and public liability package designed to protect publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, authors, entertainment companies, and other businesses that create or provide content
Management Liability Insurance
Provides indemnity for directors & officers as well as the business entity in the event of an alleged breach of duty, employment related dispute, fraud, and regulatory fines & penalties
Cyber Insurance
Provides coverage for privacy and data breaches, including simple incidents such as attaching the wrong file to an email or using a copyrighted image on a website, to a more complex hacking or ransomware event and loss of customer information
Portable Equipment Insurance
Accidental loss and damage cover for portable equipment, including phones, laptops and tools
Corporate Travel Insurance
Reimburses unexpected costs arising from travel, including illness and injury, lost luggage, cancellation and delay (also includes cover for directors’ leisure travel)
Office Package Insurance
A package tailored to office-based businesses, which protects against property damage, business interruption, burglary, glass, public liability and electronic equipment breakdown
Business Package Insurance
A customised insurance package for businesses to protect against property damage, business interruption, burglary, glass, public liability and equipment breakdown

Office Package Insurance in Action

The Client

A marketing agency with 23 Staff and $14m in revenue

The Claim

The Insured’s receptionist was greeted by someone falsely claiming to be a contractor there to undertake servicing of various employee laptops. Majority of staff were in a meeting at the time and so the receptionist allowed him through. 

The “contractor” proceeded to go through the office and take laptops from offices and desks that were empty.  He left with the laptops and when the meeting finished, it was discovered that the IT contractor did not exist and a theft had occurred. 

The Outcome

The theft section of the insured’s office pack responded to cover the stolen laptops. The payment was $18,000.

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