Tailored and Personalised Life Insurance Advice

Our Approach To Wealth Protection Insurance

The purpose of our comprehensive life insurance advice is to provide you with an analysis of risks that could undermine your Plan A, and review the strategies and products that are in place to reduce those risks.

This advice would cover the following:

Define your Plan B objectives
Identify the risks that threaten your financial security and Plan A goals
Calculate the risk (financial exposure) to your family upon your death, disability or trauma event
Quantify the risks (financial exposure) that you are willing to accept and not insure against
Identify and quantify risks that threaten your financial and lifestyle goals which originate from within your family tree. This most typically would involve dialogue with these family members
Calculate appropriate protection levels required
Review the current protection (insurance) policies in force to ensure they are still appropriate based on your requirements
Perform a market review of insurance policies to ensure they are acceptably priced
Build an integrated insurance structure to meet any shortfalls that you are unable or unwilling to fund
Conduct a comprehensive health check
Facilitate a pre-assessment procedure with insurers
Manage all the administrative tasks required to implement new insurance policies such as applications, underwriting enquiries, medical examinations and negotiations in relation to insurance policy price and terms, including your existing policies where relevant

Also looking for business insurance?

If you want to minimise any risk associated with the wealth of your business, we also:

Conduct a full business evaluation (if required)
Complete a business risk analysis
Review of any existing buy/sell or shareholders agreements
Liaise with your accountant and lawyer on your behalf throughout the process

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