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Growing a business is an exciting adventure, but like anything rewarding, it ain't always easy! Finding the profit, retaining good staff, building a brand, forecasting growth, and planning your exit are just some of the thoughts racing through your head in the middle of the night. In the light of day, we’ll work with you to turn them into achievable growth goals with incredible outcomes.

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BlueRock offers a fully integrated ecosystem of services to help you achieve your goals. Our experts provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond standalone products.

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BlueRock works with business owners and SMEs in a broad range of industries in Australia and beyond. But there are some industries that we know like the back of our hand, and we've tailored solutions to help you thrive in them.
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What Our Clients Say

Sensum is a BlueRock client
Client Story | Nick Strongman, Sensum
“BlueRock forces me to think differently and take risks.”
Hear from Sensum CEO Nick Strongman about how BlueRock has helped them push the boundaries of construction utilising modern modular building technologies and innovation.
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Client Story | First Avenue Homes
“They've been instrumental in getting us through the tough times.”
Watch our latest Good Talk with Anthony Karlovic from First Avenue Homes. He talks about construction finance, the challenges facing the construction industry and the reasons behind his business success.
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Peter Lalor
Chief Executive Officer | BlueRock
Trevor Gordijn
Chief Commercial Officer & Executive Managing Partner | Accounting
Jo Stanlake
Director of Brand, Sales & Marketing | BlueRock
Tom Moore
Director | R&D and Government Incentives
Ani Tuna
Director | Accounting
Sarah No
Director | Digital
Ashwind Skinnon
Director | Accounting
Alex Hollick
Manager | Digital

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