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Be BlueRock Foundation

Inspiring Philanthropy to Build Strong Communities

The Be BlueRock Foundation exists to further BlueRock’s impact, give back to our community and bring a greater sense of purpose to wealth for our clients.

Through our philanthropic advisory service , the Be BlueRock Foundation provides individuals, families and businesses interested in philanthropy with a simple, cost-effective and tax-effective way to establish their own charitable fund, with the support of a broader foundation.

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What We Do

Community Impact

Learn more about our charity partners and how we provide pro bono and volunteering opportunities for BlueRock staff and clients.
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Philanthropy Advisory

Our philanthropy team can guide you and your family or business to set up a Named Giving Fund, where you'll establish a sub-fund that grows over time to distribute to your chosen charities.
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What We're About

BlueRock's business philosophy is simple: Do things you love with people you care about and good things happen. When we launched our foundation, we extended the same philosophy to have a broader impact beyond business. Our foundation supports families, individuals and organisations working on solutions that create positive change. We partner with charities with an entrepreneurial approach to solving problems. Our mission is aided by expanding on the wealth advisory services we currently offer our clients, to create an accessible and holistic approach to philanthropy.
Our Mission BBRFLP

Our Mission

To bring a greater sense of purpose to wealth generation for our staff, clients and community.
Our Vision BBRFLP

Our Vision

Inspiring philanthropy to build strong communities.
Our Values BBRFLP

Our Values

Passionate and Relentless. Aim to Inspire. Make Giving Accessible. Help the Helpers.

Meet the Be BlueRock Foundation Trustee Board

The Be BlueRock Foundation is governed by a Trustee Board with diverse backgrounds and professional expertise across philanthropy, business advisory, investment, accounting, marketing and law. 
Tabitha Lovett
Philanthropy Specialist | Wealth
Marco Saccotelli
Director | Law
Jo Stanlake
Director of Brand, Sales & Marketing | BlueRock
Lyle Meaney
Executive Managing Partner, Wealth & Law | BlueRock Global
Kaitlin Beattie
Board Member | Be BlueRock Foundation
Ishara Fernando
Philanthropy and Impact Manager | BlueRock Global

Our Expertise: Investment Committee and Foundation Taskforce

On the impact side, the foundation is supported by a driven group of BlueRock employees that make up the Be BlueRock Foundation Taskforce. When it comes to the money, donations and sub-funds are invested in an ESG Portfolio, which is guided by the BlueRock Investment Committee.

What is the Be BlueRock Foundation?

The Be BlueRock Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund, a type of charity in which an individual, family, organisation or company can establish a fund to invest money for long-term charitable purposes. It allows people to enjoy the benefits of a public foundation without the responsibilities of being a trustee. BlueRock is responsible for the administrative, investment, legal, taxation, audit, reporting and compliance requirements of being a trustee which leaves you, our client, free to think about the charities and causes you’d like to support.
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Our Impact

Learn more about our work inspiring Philanthropy to build stronger communities through our stories and statistics here.
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We're a Registered Charity

The Be BlueRock Foundation is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office, ensuring all donations are tax deductible and income earned is exempt from income tax.
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