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It’s Official. We Love WorkflowMax and You Should Too!

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By Ryan Kagan
Head of Growth & Partnerships | WorkflowMax by BlueRock

WorkflowMax Update! Well this is interesting. We wrote this article confessing our love for WorkflowMax in December 2019. Fast forward a couple of years and we've gone and acquired the WorkflowMax brand from Xero ! Find out more about what we've got planned, register your interest and submit feature requests for the new and improved WorkflowMax by BlueRock now. We'd love to hear from you. Now, back to why we love it...

Like many small and medium businesses in Australia, BlueRock is always looking for that edge that’s going to make us better, faster and stronger. It’s sometimes easy to forget that we started as a small accounting firm made up of individuals who had broken away from massive, machine-like organisations so we could do things our own way.

Part of the reason we’ve been able to grow so much since those early days is that we’re always looking for ways to improve how we operate. This entrepreneurial spirit and constant desire to improve has ultimately led us to implement WorkflowMax as a key practice management software. And let us tell you, it’s truly revolutionised our day-to-day. WorkflowMax has driven a monumental shift in our operations, enabling us to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Years of trial and error have taught us what works and what doesn’t. We’ve learnt lots along the way and we most definitely don’t want to keep the power of this software a secret. It’s time to shout our love for WorkflowMax from the rooftops and let everybody know how revolutionary it can be for your processes and procedures.

WorkflowMax allows you to measure what matters, empower your staff and streamline job-related procedures.

How do I know if I need WorkflowMax?

When businesses come to use the services of our Digital team , they’re often looking to streamline their business processes. More often than not, WorkflowMax is a great candidate for a job-orientated business in one way or another. The initial conversation usually begins with a number of questions:

Are you currently using Excel for key processes and are you wasting time manually updating and tracking jobs that could be automated?

Do you rely on key people to maintain your processes, and do you struggle to maintain things when they’re unavailable?

Are you failing to effectively track the performance of your jobs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then WorkflowMax is likely to be a great candidate for your business.

While it is predominantly designed for service-based firms like ours, it can be used across a wide range of industries. From plumbers to accountants, WorkflowMax will likely be a valuable addition to the workplace.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve helped small and medium businesses for years and we understand how they work. Something we find many small businesses have in common is that they’re not leveraging technology to track progress, improve efficiency and ultimately improve profits. We’ve been on this journey ourselves and can vouch for how critical it is to correctly implement a premium practice management solution.

Why do I need this fancy technology?

WorkflowMax is the ultimate in job management software and in our eyes the holy grail of the Xero catalogue. It’s innovative, which suits us down to the ground. Our extensive experience using this software has allowed us to identify the four key areas that help make your business awesome:

1. It helps grow your customers

    WorkflowMax enables you to manage your leads, clients, quotes and documents,so you can track a job from opportunity, all the way through to delivery. This kind of visibility has empowered BlueRock to focus on doing the best work for our clients, rather than spending time on tedious admin.

    2. It creates greater efficiency

      Tasks and staff management are built-in functions, meaning you can track and report on every minute of the day and decide, as a team, where your effort is best spent. It also drives more effective collaboration, communication and streamlined processes. This is something BlueRock prides itself on, and WorkflowMax is truly able to facilitate and support this crucial part of our identity.

      3. You always get paid your worth

        Ensure you’re pricing effectively and on top of your cash flow via accurately produced quotes and associated job setups. This streamlined process incorporates accounting software to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Reports can be generated instantly, meaning you’re able to visualise how you’re tracking in a simple and accessible way. Yes, we did start as a team of accountants, but now we’ve expanded into everything from Law to Digital. We aren’t all Excel aficionados, nor do we need to be with the beauty of this platform!

        4. You’ll be able to drive profitability

          Real-time reporting helps you track profitability, so you can completely optimise job performance. At the end of a job, you can look back and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, enabling you to refine your processes to improve profits. The ability to take a step back and assess our projects from a very high-level has been instrumental in deciding where to play, and how to be successful - it helps makes things really simple.

          Come and join the club!

          These four key areas work in perfect synergy to trim the fat across a business. We’ve seen SMEs waste countless hours on manual inputs and changes - a process that’s highly prone to human error. BlueRock clients use 57 (yes, that’s five-seven) apps that integrate with WorkflowMax - such an extensive repertoire of integrations is part of what makes it such a useful tool in terms of customisation and suitability to the individual business. You can use professional branded templates for all your outgoing correspondence or configure custom reports to display the information most relevant to you. WorkflowMax is customisable for both internal and external activities.

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