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Under the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) and Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) provisions, there are several ways to issue equity to employees without attracting taxes. We can help you establish effective strategies to grow your business, attract the crème de la crème of staff and give back to your most loyal employees. Talk to us today about rewarding your high performing staff in a smart way that benefits your business.

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Benefits of Employee Share Schemes and ESOPs

Compete Against Big Salaries

Recruiting high-performing talent can come with a hefty price tag. Companies with high future value and limited access to immediate funding may decide to offer an ESS to compensate staff with future wealth, as a substitute for their current market wages.
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Retain Existing Talent

Employee Share Schemes can include a lock-up period that restricts employees from selling their shares or receiving income for a specified time. This ensures employees remain connected to the company and facilitates improved capacity and capability planning.
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Empower Your People

Shift the mindset of your staff from employee to business owner. Holding a stake in the business can be used to encourage your staff to go beyond their daily tasks and pursue an active role in building the business.
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Explore Tax Concessions

There are a few advantages that your business can enjoy when it comes to ESS tax concessions. These include the $1,000 up-front concession, Startup concession and tax-deferred arrangements. Download our Guide to Employee Share Schemes to learn more.
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Employee Share Schemes

Employee Share Schemes Vs Employee Share Option Plans

What's the difference? It all comes down to understanding the difference between a share (or stock) and an option. Find out more about the differences between ESS and ESOP, and which strategy is better for your business.
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Our Employee Share Scheme Experts

Guide To Employee Share Schemes

You might not have the cash now but you can still put your best financial foot forward to motivate and attract high-performing staff to your growing business. Learn everything you need to know about Employee Share Schemes in this free guide.
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