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Retail & Franchise Industry

Whether you’re a small craft store, a large food and beverage franchise or an online retailer selling direct to customers, you need to make sure your business and property is covered for things like: 

Public & Product Liability Insurance
Protects your business against liability claims, including personal injury and property damage
Management Liability Insurance
Provides indemnity for directors and officers, as well as the business entity, in the event of an alleged breach of duty, employment-related dispute, fraud, and regulatory fines and penalties
Cyber Insurance
Provides coverage for privacy and data breaches, including simple incidents such as attaching the wrong file to an email or using a copyrighted image on a website, to a more complex hacking or ransomware event and loss of customer information
Corporate Travel Insurance
Reimburses the unexpected costs arising from travel, including illness and injury, lost luggage, cancellation and delay (also includes cover for directors’ leisure travel)
Business Package Insurance
A customised insurance package for businesses to protect against property damage, business interruption, burglary, glass, public liability and equipment breakdown
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Responds to costs incurred to repair or replace equipment following a breakdown
Spoilage Insurance
Reimburses the purchase cost of spoiled food and beverage stock following an equipment breakdown
Commercial Motor Insurance
Comprehensive insurance cover for the vehicles you use in your business
Goods In Transit Insurance
Protects goods in transit, including imports, exports and Australia-wide sendings
Product Recall Insurance
A comprehensive cover designed for businesses at every stage of a product supply chain. Provides both first party (your own) and third party (others) costs incurred for the recall of a product.

Management Liability Insurance in Action

The Client

A restaurant with 20 staff and an annual turnover of $800K

The Claim

A marketing firm was sued for misleading and deceptive conduct by one of the Insured’s competitors for advertising that the Insured restaurant employed a celebrity chef when this particular chef was actually employed by the competitor.

The marketing firm then joined the Director of the Insured to the proceedings alleging that they provided them with a verbal and written statement that this celebrity chef was employed in their restaurant.

The Outcome

The claim was ultimately settled out of court for the amount of $50,000 with the Insured agreeing to contribute $25,000 to the settlement of the claim.

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