Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)


The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) is an Australian Government program available to help businesses grow business exports through export promotion. It is essentially a cash rebate scheme administered by Austrade, which is available for developing the market for your business in any overseas market (except New Zealand or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea).
The EMDG scheme entitles a company to a 50% reimbursement of expenses meeting certain criteria, with up to $150,000 available per year.

What is export promotion?

Overseas representatives
Marketing consultants
Marketing visits (and an allowance of $350 per day)
Free samples
IP registration and related insurance
Trade fairs, seminars and in-store promotions
Promotional literature and advertising
Overseas buyers

How much can I claim through the EMDG?

(with a minimum grant of $5,000 and a maximum grant of $150,000).
GRANT = (total expenditure – 5,000) / 2

Payment occurs in two parts:

Part 1 is paid immediately upon application and approval (up to $100,000 payment)
Part 2 is the remaining amount, usually paid in late June.
The EMDG is a pooled grant available Australia-wide. Part 2 is allocated on a pro-rata basis from the remaining funds in the pool after all Part 1 payments have been paid. In reality, you’re unlikely to receive the full Part 2 grant entitlement because the pool will not be large enough.

Am I eligible for the EMDG?

A range of businesses are eligible for the Export Market Development Grant based on these key criteria:

You can be an individual, partnership, company or trust.
You must have carried out export promotion activities during the year and have spent at least $15,000.
The business must have an income of less than $50 million for the grant year.

The business must be promoting for export:

services (most are eligible)
inbound tourism
exporting intellectual property and know-how, or
conferences and events held in Australia

When can I claim the EMDG?

EMDG rebates are claimed after the year the expenses were incurred. The first EMDG enables you to claim for the two previous years.

The annual EMDG application window opens in July and runs until the end of November.  

How can BlueRock help you to claim the EMDG?

As EMDG experts, we demystify the complex regulation and guidance to ensure you get the best from the Export Market Development Grant.

The process for claiming EMDG with assistance from BlueRock involves:

  • a review of the accounts and business activities to identify eligible expenditure
  • completing the application form and financial calculations (note that all expenses must be supported by receipts, payment and often require further evidence, e.g. trip itineraries. Evidence will be requested at random by AusTrade)
  • submission of the form to AusTrade
  • support through your compulsory AusTrade audit, then
  • receipt of the benefit

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