Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)


The EMDG is an Australian Government program available to help businesses grow business exports through export promotion. It is essentially a cash rebate scheme administered by Austrade, which is available for developing the market for your business in any country overseas (except New Zealand).
The EMDG scheme entitles a business to a 50% reimbursement of expenses meeting certain criteria, with up to $150,000 available per year*.

* in reality, the grant gets oversubscribed and payments range from $15,000 to $100,000 per year

What is export promotion?

Overseas representatives
Marketing consultants or agencies
Domestic and international trips
Free samples
IP registration and related insurance
Trade fairs, conferences, seminars and in-store promotions
Promotional literature and advertising
Foreign buyer visits
Training for export readiness

How much can I claim through the EMDG?

The grant amount you can claim will depend on what tier you are, which represents the different stages of a business’ export journey. The three stages of funding under the new EMDG rules are:
Tier 1
Maximum of $40,000 per year over 2 years
For businesses who are new to exporting
Tier 2
Maximum of $80,000 per year over 3 years
For exporters who plan to expand their presence in their current/existing markets
Tier 3
Maximum of $150,000 per year over 3 years
For exporters who plan to make a strategic shift in their exporting business. This includes entering a new territory, marketing a new product or targeting a different demographic
The EMDG is a pooled grant available Australia-wide.
Each grant is calculated and distributed on a pro-rata basis from the pool each year. That means you might not get the full amount indicated above - but Austrade will commit to an
exact amount upfront.

Am I eligible for the EMDG?

A range of businesses are eligible for the Export Market Development Grant based on these key criteria:

You can be an individual, partnership, company or trust.
You need to have a turnover of less than $20 million for the last financial year.
You must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
You have not received over $770,000 of EMDG over eight years.

The business must be promoting for export:

Services (most are eligible)
Inbound tourism
Intellectual property and know-how
Conferences and events held in Australia

What is the process for claiming the EMDG?

  • The annual EMDG application window opens in July and runs for several weeks (2022 dates TBC) 
  • Applications involve submissions detailing what the company will export and its marketing plans
  • Once all applications have been assessed for eligibility, Austrade offers a Grant Agreement outlining agreed marketing activities and annual milestones
  • At the end of the financial year, you request your milestone payment in accordance with the Grant Agreement and undergo an acquittal process
  • You receive your EMDG amount early in the following financial year

How can BlueRock help you to claim the EMDG?

As EMDG experts, we demystify the complex regulation and offer guidance to ensure you get the best funding outcome.

The process for claiming EMDG with assistance from BlueRock involves:

  • an initial workshop to confirm your eligibility and to gather information to complete the Austrade application
  • completing the application form and assisting you with the collection and preparation of supporting documentation, including an Eligibility Document and Plan to Market
  • submission of the application to Austrade
  • Managing and assisting with correspondence to Austrade in relation to any amendments or changes to your Grant Agreement
  • support through your annual AusTrade milestone acquittal process
Speak to an EMDG expert and unlock thousands of dollars in government funding.


Did you know?
The origin of the BlueRock name is a mash-up of the founders two favourite things.
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