Commercial Law

We recognise that these sorts of transactions are of high stakes and so our vigilant commercial law team focuses on comprehensive advice across both commercial and legal risks.

Our corporate and commercial law services include:

Mergers and acquisitions
Buying and selling a businesses
Relationship documents such as Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Unitholders Agreements or Joint Venture Agreements
Due diligence
Corporate restructuring
Deal negotiation
Transaction document preparation
Disclosure documentation and exemptions
Corporations law advice  
We also work closely with specialists across all our BlueRock divisions to offer a multi-disciplinary service in the areas of Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning, Tax, Capital Raising, Franchising, and Trademarks and Intellectual Property.

Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning

We cover not only personal estate planning but also holistic and practical business succession planning. This area of our legal practice includes taxation expertise along with wills and estates law, social security law, duties and land tax, trust law and litigation experience.
Basically, it’s about making sure your assets, family and business are protected into the future.

Our trusts, probate and estate planning services include:

Simple and complex testamentary trust Wills
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Medical Treatment Decision Maker Appointments
Advance Care Directives
Probate applications
Part IV claims and contested matters
Business succession including buy/sell agreements, Key Person insurance strategies, family Constitutions, Option Agreements  


At times, it can be a confusing process and, if not considered properly, serious and unnecessary consequences can arise. Our tax law team will be able to explain and advise you on your legal position across various commercial and individual settings.
Our tax law specialists will advise and propose business structures that will ensure you are operating compliantly with respect to taxation obligations, so that you don’t come across any surprises and frustrations.

We offer a range of tax law services, including:

Capital Gains Tax and structuring advice
Income tax advice
International aspects of taxation law
Private Binding Ruling applications
Complex written advice (Reasonably Arguable Position)
Tax implications when selling a business, assets or property
Employment taxation obligations
Employee Share Schemes and Option Plans
Stamp duty
CGT rollovers
Any dealings with the Australian Taxation Office or State Taxation Departments

Capital Raises and Start-up Funding

Scale and growth is an exciting time for any business, but the related complexity can be make or break.
Our experienced team of capital raising experts will assist and guide you through the journey to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Our capital raising services include providing advice and compliance in relation to:

Capital raising advice
Establishing a suitable business structure
Negotiation with investors
Drafting key documents and agreements
Corporate governance
Equity crowdfunding


Our franchising experts will ensure that you have a strong understanding of your rights and obligations under a franchise arrangement.
Our experienced franchising team can tailor our advice and strategy to both sides of the fence of franchising, and we will strive to produce the favourable outcomes for your franchise business or brand.

By engaging in our franchising services, you will have experts at your disposal who will can advise you in areas such as:

Establishing a franchise system or similar commercial arrangements
Preparing franchise agreements and disclosure documents
Drafting and negotiating franchise agreements
Production of ancillary documents
Due diligence
Buying and selling of franchise businesses
Advising franchisees on franchise documentation

Trademarks and Intellectual Property

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked with major national and international brands across Australia and overseas.

We offer a full range of trademark and intellectual property services, including:

Trade mark portfolio management, searching, prosecutions, registrations and oppositions
Intellectual property licensing and assignment
Intellectual property litigation and dispute resolutions
Joint venture agreements
Manufacturing, supply and distribution agreements
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Software, technology and IT agreements
Did you know?
The origin of the BlueRock name is a mash-up of the founders two favourite things.
Through a mutual love of the Carlton football team and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, a firm was born!