Protect Your Family’s Future with Estate Planning

Why is an Estate Plan Important?

Estate planning involves reviewing and considering your assets and liabilities to put in place a plan that meets your wishes and the unique needs of your family.
This effectively means you control how your assets pass on your death, rather than leaving it to legislative formulas. Although an essential part, a will is only one part of a comprehensive estate plan.

A comprehensive estate plan will:

Provide certainty and protection to your family
Avoid disputes among family members
Secure the wealth you have built up
Minimise tax through strategy and key provisions
Appoint your childrens’ guardian
Prevent poor financial decisions by putting in place mechanism to help guide your beneficiaires


We have been with BlueRock since it started, and they have always provided us with accounting services and assisted us to manage other things outside of our business. After almost 50 years in business, our affairs have become quite complex. We recently worked through our financial affairs and the re-writing of our wills, guided by Adam Morse and Ryan Williams. Getting a will right and managing the financial requirements to make it work properly is no simple task. The fact that all the information was already within BlueRock made discussing it with Adam and Ryan easier. The outcome is a very thorough, simple will and estate plan, which is, without doubt, the best result we have ever had.
Bill Scott
Writing a will was something myself and my partner had been making attempts at for several years. After many faulted starts we would hit inevitable brick walls surrounding the details for our children and complexities of trusts etc. With my business finances being dealt with so professionally through BlueRock, I queried if estate management fell under their umbrella. Fortunately, it does! From the beginning, Ryan was very personable and simplified the process to a point where we could focus on the correct decisions for ourselves and our families. Looking back, we were correct in that the process was daunting without help and Ryan brought up many other points we were totally ignorant of which could have had a huge impact on our estate management and wishes. We would highly recommend Ryan and the BlueRock team to anyone.
Dale Barnes and Lisa Jenkins
The team at BlueRock made my estate planning straightforward and simple to understand. Ryan was a great help, always being there to answer my questions and taking the time to have several meetings to make sure we got it right. You could tell they really cared about setting us up correctly and now I can sleep easy at night knowing it’s all sorted.
Ben Beattie
True Blue Plumbing

Our Approach to Estate Planning

No two estate plans are alike and that’s because every person’s situation is different.
We work closely with you to understand what’s important, who you trust and what you want to protect.

We focus our estate planning process on:

Understanding your wishes, including the distribution of your estate and specific gifts
Understanding any family issues that may affect the strategy of your estate plan
Understanding who the important people are in your life, including beneficiaries, but also persons who may be appointed to certain roles in your estate plan (executor, powers of attorney and guardians of children)
Structuring your estate plan, including understanding how assets and liabilities should be dealt with on your death and the establishment of Testamentary Trusts in a manner which is tailored to your specific circumstances and objectives
Superannuation planning, including nominations of beneficiaries and other possible options
Tax structuring to minimise the tax payable on your death but also in the future given that an effective Estate Plan can put in place trusts and strategies that may exist for many generations
Life insurance advice to ensure appropriate levels and types of insurance are in place to ensure the required asset base is transferred to loved ones on death
Managing your wealth, and your wealth protection, can be an emotionally charged process.
Our aim is to provide you with an unbiased professional voice and a trustworthy sounding board.

Our Estate Planning Services

Once we have a detailed understanding of your personal world, the BlueRock Private Wealth team works closely with BlueRock’s specialised estate planning lawyers to review your circumstances and draft up tailored solutions for each of the key components of a comprehensive estate plan.
If you already have a will or estate plan in place, we’ll work with you to ensure it reflects your current situation and supports your broader wealth management strategy.

What’s included in a comprehensive estate plan?

Testamentary Trusts
Rights to Occupy
Superannuation Proceeds Trusts
Strategic Gifting of Share Ownership in Companies
Guardianship of Children
Personal and Financial Powers of Attorney
Medical Powers of Attorney

The Be BlueRock Foundation

The Be BlueRock Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund established by BlueRock to support a range of charitable causes and enable our clients to establish their own structured giving

A donation to the Be BlueRock Foundation can be included in your Will

Or, you can establish a sub-fund within the Foundation to provide annual donations to charities of your choice, which are deductible gift recipients.

The Be BlueRock Foundation is registered as a charity with the Australian Charitable and Not-for-Profit Commission and the Australian Taxation Office.

The Foundation is an effective vehicle for your philanthropy and provides useful opportunities to structure your giving in a tax-effective way. The Be BlueRock Foundation is exempt from paying income tax on income earned by the Foundation’s investments, including capital gains. A gift to the Be BlueRock Foundation allows donations to be distributed over a number of charitable projects with a long-term focus. Establishing a sub-fund within the Be BlueRock Foundation, either now or through your Will, allows your donation to have an inter-generational impact by investing in a fund that can support charities over a number of decades and involve your families and friends.

The Be BlueRock Foundation is just one of the various options open to people who wish to give charitably through their Will.

If you are interested in charitable giving under your Will, or if you simply wish to discuss your estate planning further, please get in touch with our estate planning team.

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