Self Managed Super Funds

Who knew planning for retirement could be so super?
Our options make it easy for you to take control of your retirement savings.
The BlueRock SMSF team offer all the options you need to run an SMSF. Simply choose the services you require to make having an SMSF easy!
Accounting & Audit
Our ongoing administration and compliance service reconciles your SMSF's transaction data throughout the year, this means your SMSF accounts are up to date and you have current information to make informed decisions. We also work with our SMSF audit partner to ensure your fund’s regulatory requirements are lodged on time every year.
Financial Planning
For some it’s a house by the beach; others a few chooks running around the yard. Everybody’s dreams are different, which is why we dig deeper than your average financial advisors to really understand your financial goals. Then we measure your progress in real time and help you stay on track.
Investment Advice
Our expert financial advisors work closely with you to create the ultimate investment strategy for your goals and risk appetite.
SMSF Document Services
We can provide all the legal documents required to ensure the compliance of your fund meets the Superannuation regulations.
SMSF Borrowing
Limited recourse borrowing is an area we specialise in. We work with all the current lenders in the market and can provide you with an seamless solution to ensure your SMSF property purchase gets done right!
SMSF Legal Services
Whether you need conveyancing for your SMSF Property purchase or Advice on the Superannuation Industry Act, our team of Superannuation Specialist lawyers have got your back!
Life Insurance & Income Protection
Sometimes life puts a little spin on the ball. We get the bat ready at the stumps with a plan to protect your family if the unexpected happens. Without the worry you can just focus on playing.
Estate Planning
We make it quick and easy to plan for the management of your assets in the event of your death. If there’s a Will there’s a way! Curate a legacy that works best for you and your family and then live life to the fullest.
General Insurance
Whether you have invested your hard-earned super in a residential home or commercial building,  you will need to insure it to protect your nest egg. Our General insurance experts can provide you with a range of quotes and manage claims on your behalf in times of need.
What is an SMSF?
The main difference between SMSFs and other super funds is that SMSF members are also the trustees of the fund. SMSFs can have between one and four members*, and one of the main advantages is the level of control that trustees have when it comes to tailoring the fund to meet their individual needs.
How do Self-Managed Super Funds work?
They have their own Tax File Number (TFN), Australian Business Number (ABN) and transactional bank account, which allows them to receive contributions and rollovers, make investments and pay out lump sums and pensions. All SMSF investments are made in the name of the fund and are controlled by the trustees. As a trust, an SMSF requires a trustee.
There are two trustee structure options:
Corporate Trustee
A company acts as the trustee and each member is a director. This structure allows simpler recording and registering of assets, providing administration efficiencies and flexibility in membership. Company establishment and ongoing fees are applicable with this structure.
Individual Trustee
Each member is appointed as a trustee, with a minimum of two trustees required. 
Thinking about an SMSF?
You make the investment decisions for the fund and you're held responsible for complying with the super and tax laws.
An SMSF must be run for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits for the members or their dependants. Don't set up an SMSF to try to get early access to your super, or to buy a holiday home or artworks to decorate your house. These things are illegal.
It's best to see a qualified, licensed professional to help you decide - We are here to help.
How to setup an SMSF that it's eligible for tax concessions, can receive contributions and is as easy as possible to administer.
Consider appointing professionals to help you
Choose individual trustees or a corporate trustee
Appoint your trustees
Create the trust and trust deed
Check your fund is an Australian super fund
Register your fund and get an ABN
Set up a bank account
Get an electronic service address
Prepare an exit strategy
Our BlueRock SMSF solution can assist with your SMSF needs.
What can an SMSF invest in?
Some of the investment categories have special requirements and you should speak to us to check if it is an allowable investment prior to proceeding.

Cash and Term Deposits

Cash can be held in bank accounts and invested in term deposits.

Australian and Intentional Shares (listed and unlisted)

You may want to set up an SMSF so you can choose your own shares. Whether International or Australian, an SMSF can invest in listed or unlisted shares from anywhere in the world.

Unit Trusts Investments

An SMSF can invest in a unit trust investment, however special rules apply depending on the structure of the unit trust.

Direct Property

Some people use their SMSF to invest in property. You can purchase residential or commercial properties both in Australia or overseas. Commercial properties can be leased back to members if they satisfy some required conditions.

Managed Funds

Access to invest in your choice of managed fund (both Australian and international).


SMSFs can hold collectibles such as artwork, jewellery, antiques, coins, stamps, vintage cars and wine; however, there are very strict rules around holding these assets in your SMSF. The assets must be insured, and they cannot provide a present day benefit. This means that artwork cannot be displayed in your home or business, you cannot drive the vintage car, you cannot wear the jewellery or drink the wine.


Some SMSF trustees have taken an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. While SMSFs are not prohibited from investing in cryptocurrencies, as a trustee, you need to consider:

  • The nature of cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency risks 
  • SMSF regulatory requirements

Heading Goes Here in This Spot

    Who is responsible for the SMSF?
    SMSFs also have strict administrative obligations that require you to maintain records, provide financial statements, complete a tax return and organise an independent audit. For this reason, many trustees engage SMSF specialists to help them manage their accounting, auditing and tax reporting, as well as provide financial and investment advice. However, they always remain completely responsible for the decisions and administration of their fund. 
    How we can help support you as an SMSF trustee?
    Benefits of an SMSF
    You choose how and where your super is invested.
    Investment Flexibility
    You have more investment options the tradition super funds.
    You have transparency on the day to day transactions and current investments of your fund.
    Keeping it in the family
    You can add family, friends and partners as member of your SMSF (up to 4 members are allowed). A bigger balance could give your SMSF more investment options and might be more cost effective.
    Controlling costs
    The costs will depend on the investments and are based on what you choose to do. Your SMSF only pays for what is uses. This means you can reduce your super costs, but that’s up to you as you are in control.
    Tax Advantages
    Whilst a traditional super fund aims to act tax effectively for all their members, your SMSF portfolio could offer more options for reducing tax.
    Benefit your beneficiaries
    AN SMSF provides more certainty about who will receive your benefits should you pass away. There is also the flexibility to direct how benefits are distributed to take into account the situation of the beneficiaries.
    SMSF Team
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    Retiring is always full of the unknown and scary for a lot of us; setting up a Self Managed Super Fund is way scarier. Why? Because most of us don’t understand why and what it all means; if we did we would be setting up and managing it all ourselves. That’s where my experiences with the BlueRock team made things so easy… because they have earned a good level of trust (and that’s important)…they cover all bases that need to be covered and I don’t have to do anything … What can I say except we will continue our seven year relationship with the team.
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    Self Managed Super Funds Made Easy - BlueRock’s SMSF Package
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