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Who knew planning for retirement could be so super?
Our options make it easy for you to take control of your retirement savings.
The BlueRock SMSF team offers all the options you need to run an SMSF. Simply choose the services you require to make having an SMSF easy!
Accounting & Audit
Our Ongoing administration and compliance service reconciles your SMSF's transaction data throughout the year, this means your SMSF accounts are up to date and you to have current information to make informed decisions. We also work with our SMSF audit partner to ensure your fund’s regulatory requirements are lodged on time every year.
Financial Planning
For some it’s a house by the beach; others a few chooks running around the yard. Everybody’s dreams are different, which is why we dig deeper than your average financial advisors to really understand your financial goals. Then we measure your progress in real time and help you stay on track.
Investment Advice
Our expert financial advisors work closely with you to create the best investment strategy for your goals and risk appetite.
SMSF Document Services
We can provide all the legal documents required to ensure the compliance of your fund meets the Superannuation regulations.
SMSF Borrowing
Limited recourse borrowing is an area we specialise in. We work with all the current lenders in the market and can provide you with an seamless solution to ensure your SMSF property purchase gets done right!
SMSF Legal Services
Whether you need conveyancing for your SMSF Property purchase or Advice on the Superannuation Industry Act, our team of SMSF Specialist lawyers have got your back!
Life Insurance & Income Protection
Sometimes life puts a little spin on the ball. We get the bat ready at the stumps with a plan to protect your family if the unexpected happens. Without the worry you can just focus on playing.
Estate Planning
We make it quick and easy to plan for the management of your assets in the event of your death. If there’s a Will there’s a way! Curate a legacy that works best for you and your family and then live life to the fullest.
General insurance
Whether you have invested your hard-earned super in a residential home or commercial building,  you will need to insure it to protect your nest egg. Our General insurance experts can provide you with a range of quotes and manage claims on your behalf in times of need.
George Karavias
Director of Superannuation
Alexandra Grziwotz
SMSF Accountant
Kathy Chang
Graduate SMSF Accountant
Luke McBean
SMSF Specialist
Retiring is always full of the unknown and scary for a lot of us; setting up a Self Managed Super Fund is way scarier. Why? Because most of us don’t understand why and what it all means; if we did we would be setting up and managing it all ourselves. That’s where my experiences with the BlueRock team made things so easy… because they have earned a good level of trust (and that’s important)…they cover all bases that need to be covered and I don’t have to do anything … What can I say except we will continue our seven year relationship with the team.
Chris and Jan Mack
Superannuation Changes (2017)
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