Mark fancellu

Mark Fancellu

Director | Accounting

Mark joined BlueRock in 2015, bringing more than 13 years of experience in taxation (domestic and international), accounting and business management. And we’re glad he did. Mark has a knack for building strong relationships with his clients and his fellow global advisors.

It might have something to do with him being such an easy guy to like. When he’s not at BlueRock, Mark loves spending time with his wife, his son and his dog. A keen green thumb, nothing makes Mark happier than watching his tomato plants grow. Except maybe watching his clients’ businesses grow in Australia or overseas! Mark’s friends call him the Consigliere. And that’s a title we can get behind. Our right-hand man, Mark’s advice is always valuable and our clients know they can trust him to help them overcome even the most complicated of problems. But without the wise guy attitude.

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