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How BlueRock Helped The Sheet Society Dream Big And Sleep Easy

When Hayley and Andy launched The Sheet Society, a friend gave them some life-changing advice: get a good accountant and finance partner!

In just over 5 years, The Sheet Society has grown from an idea to create bed sheets that express your personal style like fashion, to a global e-commerce brand with a dedicated following and loyal client base. When Hayley and Andy launched the business in 2017, a friend gave them some life-changing advice: get a good accountant and finance partner. Being new to the world of business, they didn’t think they could afford first-rate professional advice, until they met with BlueRock’s Finance team.

BlueRock’s Multidisciplinary Services In Action

Understanding that their budget was limited, our finance experts met with Hayley and Andy to determine the best course of action to get them the funding they needed to grow. But once we understood their goals and dreams, we knew that as true entrepreneurs, Hayley and Andy would really benefit from some coaching with BlueRock’s business advisors, to better manage their accounting and bookkeeping processes as well as their finance needs.

With BlueRock’s tailored advice, Hayley and Andy were able to streamline their finances and accounting, and grow The Sheet Society into the thriving business it is today. And on top of providing them with the knowledge and tools they needed to succeed, the BlueRock team was always on hand to offer advice in the face of new challenges.

“BlueRock came highly recommended, but they still managed to surpass our expectations. The advice and instruction they gave us at the start of our journey made all the difference. There’s no way we’d be in the great position we are now without their help. Can’t imagine partnering with anyone else!”

Embracing Changing Customer Behaviour To Grow

In 2020, when COVID-19 changed the face of retail, The Sheet Society saw it as an incredible opportunity, but they had to act fast! With online sales booming, they wanted to improve their service by expanding their fulfilment centre and updating all of their equipment. That’s when they found their dream space: a 3000m2 warehouse in Brunswick. Compared to the 200m2 space they had at the time, this was an astronomical upgrade.

To get the space they needed significant capital investment, and they needed it fast. With BlueRock’s help, Hayley and Andy secured the funding they needed quickly and without hassle. Because of this, they were able to realise their dream and have been enjoying record-breaking sales ever since, expanding globally at an impressive rate.

“Because of BlueRock’s help, we were able to manage things ourselves right up until it was time to expand the business. And they offered so much more than just accounting advice; they taught us how to succeed in the world of ecommerce and really helped us understand all the new technology that our business relies on.”

Grab Onto Growth Opportunities For Your Business

The Sheet Society is a great example of how BlueRock Finance can help businesses grow. Our finance brokers pride ourselves on being able to quickly and easily provide finance solutions that don’t add any stress or pressure to business owners. In fact, our team is dedicated to making the entire process as smooth and easy as possible, looping in other expert advisors at BlueRock to focus on holistic results. So if you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, contact a BlueRock finance broker today and let us show you what we can do. We think you’ll be impressed!

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