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We know the challenges faced by retail and eCommerce business owners

The retail sector is challenging, and staying ahead of the game requires a multifaceted strategy across the critical areas of your business. There are many complexities to navigate, but we’re experienced in solving problems to help retail and eCommerce businesses streamline operations, enhance capabilities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Multi-site Store & Sales Data

Keeping on top of sales data, customer behaviour, and a swag of other important metrics is hard enough – try doing it across several different locations. That's where Business Intelligence (BI) tools come in. BI helps turn data from different locations into useful and easy to understand insights, allowing you to optimise operations and boost profits.

Staff Performance & Payroll Data

Managing the performance of different employees, or a network of franchisees, is equally as challenging as it is important. Good data helps management understand staff performance, leading to improved efficiency, revenue, and profits. Digital business intelligence tools can help, as well as smart payroll software that includes rostering tools and enables you to analyse costs.

Inventory & Order Management

Legacy systems, excel spreadsheets and (believe it or not) paper-based systems are still commonplace in retail business operations. Getting your tech stack right includes smart inventory management and can provide a better way to process, track and manage your inventory and customer orders.

Brand, Marketing & CX

If your business doesn’t deliver an exceptional online experience, your customers won’t hesitate to move on to the competition. You need to delight your customers at every touchpoint, build your brand and have a winning marketing strategy.

Delivering Advisory Services to eCommerce & Retail Businesses

Whether you’re omnichannel, eCommerce pure-play, a wholesaler or bricks and mortar, BlueRock’s multidisciplinary approach comes to fore to help retailers in all segments to:
  • Accounting Tax Advisory Dealingswiththe ATO 1

    Analyse, Forecast, Strategise and Budget

    We’re not just accountants, we’re advisors. We help retailers make sense of the numbers to make informed decisions on pricing, outsourcing, staff costs and more. We dig into the numbers and produce intuitive reports so that you can understand how your business is performing. We’ll find any problem areas before they get out of hand, identify opportunities to accelerate growth and plug you into finance opportunities to fund them.

    Business Advisory
  • Digital systems process training

    Eliminate Fragmented Systems

    We implement connected digital solutions for effective management of sales data, cashflow, inventory, logistics, staff performance and more. A connected digital ecosystem makes it easier to consolidate data across locations, reduce costs, and get a better understanding of your business performance, margins, and competitiveness.

    Systems Consulting & Implementation
  • Digital crm marketing and sales automation

    Create Amazing Brands & Marketing Strategies

    A strong brand helps to stay top of mind with customers, even during tough times. It’s also key to unlocking business growth in existing and new markets. We create vibrant brands and smart and measurable multi-channel marketing strategies, with a focus on efficient customer acquisition and CX, to drive long-term profitability. But spending the money is one thing, having an accurate attribution of spend is crucial to optimise your strategies and maximising ROI. We optimise, update and report to make sure you get results.

    Brand & Marketing
  • Law propertysettlement

    Manage Legal Requirements and Risk

    From managing employment law and creating a safe and compliant workplace for your people, to lease negotiations when you locate the next site for your growing business, our retail legal eagles know the industry inside out. And because business is full of risk, our insurance experts take care of everything from cyber insurance to product and public liability.


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