Xero Training

Our specialised Xero bookkeepers offer fun and highly valuable online group training and mentorship or one-to-one coaching and mentorship to business owners and bookkeepers, or anyone wanting to boost their bookkeeping skills.

Customised Xero Training

Our experienced Xero consultants with real day-to-day bookkeeping experience will not only show you how to navigate around in Xero but will also give you handy tips and tricks to make your daily bookkeeping a seamless experience.

Group Training and Mentorship 

Xero Foundation Training

You have made a game-changing decision for your business by moving to a cloud accounting software that accountants and bookkeepers adore, but in its core is designed for business owners. Learn how to get the most out of this system fast. Our team of experts can save you trying to figure it out at your own pace and will show you the best tricks to make your bookkeeping process super efficient. 

Who is Xero Foundation Training for?

This training is for small business owners, administrators or bookkeepers who want to implement Xero in their small business, carry out common bookkeeping tasks such as managing cash flow to pay bills or raise invoices, and get the most out of Xero.
Xero Foundation Training covers:
Getting started with Xero
How to ensure you get paid
Paying bills and managing cash flow
Bank reconciliations and why they’re so important
How to check your financial results
Cost = $175 (2 hours + 20-minute one-to-one call)

Xero Payroll Training

Payroll gets hard fast, so it’s a good idea to involve an expert at the beginning to learn how to properly set up employees and streamline the full pay-run process.

Who is Xero Payroll Training for?

This training is for small business owners, administrators or bookkeepers who are taking care of the payroll function within the business and want to make sure all the right boxes are ticked.
Xero Payroll Training covers:
Setting up Xero payroll
Adding employees to Xero payroll
Managing payroll items in Xero
Performing regular payroll tasks, such as processing holidays, payruns and termination
Processing superannuation
Single Touch Payroll reporting
Payroll reporting
Employment Payment Summaries with Xero
Cost = $175 (2 hours + 20-minute one-to-one call)

One-to-one Coaching and Mentorship

We run customised training sessions to both business owners and bookkeepers.

Xero Training for Bookkeepers

If you have used an accounting system before, feel comfortable with the basics of bookkeeping, and have recently converted from another accounting system, this training is for you. You’ll likely have a lot of technical questions we can cover, and our Xero consultants can show you the best features and processes in Xero. Before the course, we organise a quick phone call to target the main areas of interest and customise the training program to address these needs.

Xero Training for Business Owners

We put together a customised training session for business owners and administrators to focus on the specific areas of bookkeeping that you need help with. We make recommendations on how to break up the bookkeeping jobs between yourself, your team and the professionals, to save you some valuable time, but still keep a close eye on your business finances. We also show you the key financial reports needed for good business management and how to understand your financial reports.

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