Create a Financial Plan That Fits Your Life Goals

What is Financial Planning?

Having a financial plan in place allows you to take control of your future and that of your family.
It provides a strong foundation on which to base your life goals and financial decisions, and when you work with a financial advisor you trust, it provides great peace of mind.
Our service offering can be tailored for those starting their wealth journey, right through to comprehensive Family Office structuring and governance. The fundamentals remain the same irrespective of the magnitude of your wealth.

A strong financial plan takes a comprehensive view of your entire personal situation in relation to:

Personal goals - defining what is important for you and your family
Personal debt
Income and cash flow management
Investment strategies
Growing your business
Superannuation strategies
Retirement plans
Tax strategies
Estate plans
Personal insurance
Finally finding and working with Leigh and Nick and their team at BlueRock was a momentous occasion for my wife and I, in our decision to remain in Australia after emigrating from the UK 5 years earlier. They provided such sound, holistic financial advice across a whole range of products (from house moves to schooling) which gave us the certainty we needed that we could have the lifestyle we wanted down under, alongside the great weather and beaches! Leigh and Nick have become trusted advisors that we turn to for every significant (and not so significant!) financial decision. We love their proactivity in providing us financial guidance and tips, even those we are not expecting (like topping up our super at year-end). We can't recommend them highly enough!
Ian and Erica Carson
My experience working with BlueRock has been exceptional. I sought to find the best in the business and feel that BlueRock surpassed my expectations; in particular Daniel Zaffino. His work ethic, knowledge, willingness to help and educate is second to none. Without Daniel and the team I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my ambitious financial goals as quickly as I did, buying my first investment property at 23 and buying my dad his dream car (74’ Ford Falcon Coupe). Reaching these goals has been a massive milestone for me and I can thank BlueRock for helping with reaching that. I would certainly recommend engaging the team at BlueRock.
Tayla Harris

Our Financial Planning Process

We offer a comprehensive and progressive financial advisory service in collaboration with BlueRock’s accounting, law and superannuation divisions.
We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help our clients achieve financial peace of mind.
This means you get a holistic and well-considered strategy that takes into account the full financial picture.

Mapping Your Financial Milestones

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your holistic circumstances
We work with you to set achievable, and well-defined goals
We critique your existing financial structure and strategy seeking out risks and opportunities
We create a financial roadmap with various scenarios to consider
We incorporate cash flow management into the engine of your financial strategy
We provide advice, implement and start the journey of keeping you on track and adjusting as we go

Keeping You on Track to Achieve Your Goals

We consider major milestones
We set both long-term and 12-month targets upon which to track progress
We meet regularly so we can adjust when life circumstances change
We leverage customised digital dashboards to report on progress
We use financial planning tools to help you stay on track
We evolve our offering to stay ahead of the curve and to ensure we continually add value for our clients
We’re Certified Financial Planners® but are not controlled by any financial institution and our investment strategies are not BlueRock products. We provide financial advice you can trust.

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Did you know?
The origin of the BlueRock name is a mash-up of the founders two favourite things.
Through a mutual love of the Carlton football team and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, a firm was born!