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Aaron March

Director | Accounting

Aaron is a serious fanboy of millionaire philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. He’s inspired by the duo’s passion for reducing inequities and improving the lives of people around the world. Aaron may not have billions of dollars at his disposal, but what he lacks in cash he more than makes up for in passion.

An expert in strategic business planning, taxation, budgeting and estate planning, Aaron is fantastic at helping his clients grow their businesses, but he’s also deeply interested in understanding what happens with the profits they make. Aaron’s admiration for millionaire philanthropists started young – he was a big fan of Batman growing up, which might explain why fighting the evils of the universe is so important to him. He may not get around in a cape and mask, but Aaron’s passion for building businesses that do good means he’s making the world a better place in other ways. Warren Buffet once said, “It’s very important in life to associate with people who are better than you are…you will go in the direction of the people you associate with”. We couldn’t agree more. At BlueRock we surround ourselves with good people like Aaron. He keeps us headed in the right direction.

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