Why is design important The Scientific Impact of Graphic Design

The Scientific Impact of Graphic Design

Published: 21 May 2024

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By Paige Lambert
Senior Graphic Designer | BlueRock

Embrace the intersection of art and science with graphic design to elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Many business owners and non-marketing folk see branding, and the elements that go into a brand, such as graphic design, as non-essential to business success. We’re here to change your minds by looking at graphic design with a scientific lens!

Graphic design isn't just art. It's a strategic toolkit forged from psychology, cognitive science, and the principles of perception. It's a bridge between how we see the world and how we understand it, making it an essential investment for any business seeking to communicate more effectively and connect deeper with their customers.

John Medina, a molecular biologist, emphasises the dominance of vision in human cognition. In "Brain Rules," he points out our propensity to remember 65% of the content paired with relevant images, versus 10% of what we hear three days later. This compelling statistic alone underscores the narrative power of visuals in business communication.

Elements of Graphic Design

When delving into the realm of visual perception and information processing, the Gestalt principles remind us how our brains crave organised patterns and simplicity. These principles guide graphic designers to create clear, compelling content that our minds can easily unpack and understand.


Colour Psychology significantly impacts our emotions and thus our decisions. For example, the trust and serenity evoked by blues can influence brand identity, just as the excitement and urgency incited by reds can drive consumer action.


Typography isn't merely about typefaces. It's the science of making those typefaces work in harmony with the message, enhancing readability and the emotional pull of the text—crucial components for effective communication design.


Attention and visual hierarchy are not artful accidents. They're meticulously calculated strategies that graphic designers deploy to lead the viewer's eye, ensuring important information catches the attention first and bolsters comprehension.


Memory and recognition are pivotal; a consistent visual identity bolsters brand recall, transforming elements like logos into powerful symbols of recognition that our brains effortlessly remember.


Emotional connection and empathy are executed through design that resonates with the target audience. Design is a dialogue, one that reflects shared values and cultural narratives, establishing a rapport between brand and consumer.


Well-structured visuals can streamline decision-making. Graphic design presents information concisely and persuasively, nudging the viewer toward informed choices reinforced by strategically placed elements like testimonials for social proof.

User Experience Design

UX design in digital environments is the pinnacle of marrying form and function. It’s the conscious creation of a cohesive, intuitive experience based on Human-Computer Interaction principles, underscoring the indelible role of graphic design in our increasingly digital lives.

Steve Jobs famously said, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." This sentiment encapsulates the core of graphic design in the digital age. It is at once a display of beauty and a functional, seamless guide through content and choice.

Need Help with Brand, Website or App Design?

UX, UI and graphic design is a compelling synthesis of artistic creativity and scientific rigour. It enables brands to articulate their story vividly, forge lasting impressions, create a winning user experience and cultivate a distinctive presence in a crowded marketplace. Reach out to our brand and marketing consultants or our UX/UI specialists for a free consultation about your design needs.

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