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Brand Direction

A lack of confidence in your brand and its position in the market can lead to ineffective marketing. We help you define your brand strategy and create a stunning visual identity to match. We also provide an industry leading approach to nail your targeting and messaging, as part of a full-funnel marketing strategy with comprehensive ROI forecasting models.
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Using digital marketing to create a local business presence

Content Creation

Without quality content, it's hard to attract, engage and convert target audiences. Boost your online presence with our content production services. Our skilled team executes across influencer marketing, social media, SEO, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), email marketing automation and visual production to drive immediate and long-term revenue growth
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Growth Generation

Plateauing revenue growth can occur due to not employing the right marketing mix, or a lack of internal knowledge and resources. We put the strategy in place, then use the right tools and insights to execute on it. From paid socials to search ads, display to Google shopping, we ensure you're getting bang-for-buck and have the right channel mix in play.
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The benefits of a Full Funnel Marketing strategy

CX Improvement

Customers expect a seamless and user-friendly experience at every touchpoint with your brand. That's easier said that done. We create an exceptional online experience from user interface design through to custom app development, AI, business intelligence and inventory management solutions. Our UI, UX and CX expertise overlays everything we do for our clients.
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Why Our Clients Love Working With BlueRock Digital

  • Business Advisory Planning

    We Solve Your Problems

    We help you navigate digital challenges like managing and making sense of data, talent shortages, fast-paced and ever-changing technologies, and anything else hindering your online success. At BlueRock Digital, we empower businesses to make informed decisions.

    From startups to established teams, our cross-channel, advisory-led approach provides the expertise you need in brand and digital marketing. Partner with our specialists and get the results that truly matter.

  • Business Advisory prep

    Holistic Business Advisory

    As part of an entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary firm, BlueRock Digital provides you access to one-stop-shop for growing businesses. We work closely with our grant funding , finance and accounting teams to help start-ups and established businesses with a full suite of advisory services.

    We also have a venture partnerships model suited to businesses that may not have the capital or know how to scale themselves, where we provide a full, cross-functional team and any media spend at our own cost, for a share of revenue and the opportunity to acquire equity.

  • Inartisan Testimonial

    "We've experienced exceptional ROI and real month-on-month eCommerce growth."

    A wiser person than I once said that you should 'do business with people that you like, that you trust, and that you can make money with; in that order and every time.' It’s fair to say the BlueRock excels on all three measures.

    It won’t take more than one meeting to realise that the BlueRock Digital team is not only smart but also incredibly nice. They quickly gained our trust, not just by investing time to deeply understand our business, strategy, and brand, but by always thinking two steps ahead.

    Commercially, they've exceeded expectations. Forget the fluffy metrics that get thrown around; we've experienced exceptional ROI and real month-on-month eCommerce growth. The results have been instrumental in positioning our business where it is today, poised for our next phase.

    The team pulls out all the stops to ensure our needs are catered to, and we look forward to a future of shared success." - Brent Kerby, Director, INARTISAN

eCommerce Brand Playbook

10 Brand Building Solutions

If you’re in business and you’ve got your eyes set on long term growth, you can’t afford not to invest in brand and marketing. Download our free Brand Playbook with targeted tips for eCommerce businesses.
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